by Tyler Durret


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Play music through up to 7 iPhones at the same time, in perfect sync.

Use FriendRadio when hanging out with friends:
You have complete control over which songs you want to share. Everyone's songs get played. Everyone has control over playback and volume.

Use FriendRadio as a remote control:
Play music from different rooms of your house while using your iPhone as a remote control.

Use FriendRadio when you don't have a stereo:
FriendRadio + two or more iPhones/iPads = Surround Sound

No accounts to sign up for, no passwords to remember - FriendRadio gives you completely effortless music sharing.

* Connect up to 7 iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches over WiFi
* Music plays in perfect sync on all devices
* Everyone's songs get played
* Complete control over which songs you are sharing with the group
* Everyone has the ability to skip a song they don't want to hear
* Master volume control from any device
* Easily download songs you like from iTunes

* All devices must be connected to the same WiFi network
* All devices must be running FriendRadio

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