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Let us introduce you to the hottest new drum lessons app for the iPhone. This app supports the popular online drum lessons community,, which boasts over 200 free high quality video lessons and 8000 + members in the drum discussion forum. The iPhone lessons are all exclusive to the users of the app. Lessons are taught by professional drummers, Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson. Here is a list of the current drum lessons available on the app: ?Playing Your First Drum Beat ?Playing Your First Drum Fill ?Hand To Feet Combinations ?Essential Practice Tips ?Basic Drum Rudiments ?Basic Drum Theory ?Drum Set Notation ?Intermediate Drum Beats ?Intermediate Drum Fills ?How To Build Speed ?How To Play Triplets ?Double Bass Beats ?Double Bass Fills ?Linear Drum Beats ?The Heel-Toe Technique ?The Slide Techinque ?YUCA Rock Play-Along ?Sonus Rock Play Along ?Metal Drum Play-Along All sheet music for the lessons is displayed on screen as Jared or Dave demonstrate the beat, fill, or pattern. In addition to loads of video drum lessons, there is also a complete play-along section (music without drums). Simply plug in your headphones, sit down at the kit and start playing along to real music today. There are play-alongs in the style of rock, jazz, blues, Latin, and much more. One of the best features of this app is the metronome. Finally, a metronome built by drummers, for drummers. You can practice all different time signatures, choose to add or remove the pulse on the downbeat, select from five different metronome sounds, and much more. has lots planned for the users of this app so don't forget to keep checking back for new drum lessons, play-alongs, and other drum related features that we know you will enjoy.

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