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FlyCast Select is the mobile entertainment app you have been waiting for your entire life. FlyCast delivers a truly astounding amount of content to you wherever you go - FlyCast Select offers you over 2000 channels of entertainment including hundreds of music channels covering every conceivable genre, talk radio, self help, news (international and domestic), and weather. True to its name, FlyCast Select lets you create a personal favorites list as you select from the available channels. Your favorites are easily available on the "My Stuff" screen. FlyCast was one of the first to bring Internet radio to the iPhone and our experience shows in FlyCast Select with features that no other apps have, such as "FlyBacks" which allow you to "rewind" the content you hear to listen again. FlyCast Select employs numerous techniques to reduce battery drain, including "burst caching" which looks ahead and grabs your content at full speed, then turns off the radio while the content plays to save up to 40% over continuous streaming. New - FlyCast Select includes video. If you are using FlyCast with a WiFi connection, you'll find a wonderful world of timely video content there for the viewing. Video content can be viewed using a 3G connection, with results dependent on the quality of your 3g connection. FlyCast Select is more fun with your friends. FlyCast Select lets you Tweet about music or shows you are listening to and your followers will be able to hear the song or show in its entirety. FlyCast Select is free. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

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