Euphonics - Layered Synth


by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.


Publisher's Description

Euphonics is a musical instrument for the iPhone OS designed to put you in control of the music while making it east to create beautiful, layered tunes. This is done through exposing only diatonic chords and notes in the selected key. Featured on the iTunes App Store in the month of September 2009. Euphonics consists of four layers of sound that you control simultaneously. Chords are held on a warm synth pad with the touch of a button, and remain held until the next chord change. Choose from the seven triads within a selectable major (or its relative minor) key. Bass notes sounds whenever the chord is changed, and can be triggered any time. A customizable arpeggiator loops eighth notes, drawn from the tones of the held chords. You can modify the tone, pan and volume for each note, and the overall tempo at which the arpeggiator plays. Play your melody on a 3-octave sampled piano, visible one octave at a time. Tap multiple notes at a time, and bend pitches by dragging them. Tilt the device left and right to change the displayed range, or turn on Touch Scroll. Turn on non-diatonic tones to access the full range of notes.

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