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Equalizer is the most complete parametric equalizer for music on your iPhone or iPod. You can modify frequency, Q and gain/cut independently on seven bands. Two modes are supported: classic mode geared at mobile musicians and direct mode aimed at audiophiles needing to equalize their music on the fly. From the reviews: Genius Unless you are a professional sound engineer, you have not used an equalizer as sophisticated as this. HINT: Turn the iPhone sideways in order to have expanded use of the controls. -- Segdirbj *** Producer Great app. It pumps up the volume worth the money I love it so will you. -- O-banger *** Best audio app This is the best of the best, I use it all the time to play my songs adjusting the audio in the way I want ... -- Aroo1976 *** In direct mode you can directly play and eq your tunes from your iPod library. No need to import any audio to the app anymore! Make sure to update to iOS 4.1 for this feature! This playback mode is seamless. So if you have a continuous album, you will not hear any gaps between songs. Select from the presets, save your own or just set gain/cut, frequencies and Q to your liking. Seek within songs to the position you wish to play. Display album art of the current song. Modify your playlist on the fly (add, delete, reorder, shuffle). The settings from your last session will be remembered. (iPod 2G and iPhone 3G can only manage 4 bands maximum) There are now two visualization modes available: disco lights (frequency bars) and cube (a shape shifting, color changing cube). Classic mode is still supported: Import your tunes directly from the iPod library(iOS 4 only). Or upload your music via iTunes file sharing (iOS3.2+) or the built in wifi server and download equalized files for further processing. There are two options available to interchange music between apps all on your iPhone, without the need for wifi, or a computer: AudioCopy and the General pasteboard. Equalizer supports both. Play all songs with real time eq settings, even in the background (iOS 4 only). Internal calculations are done in 64 bit floating point, the industry standard in digital sound processing. During conversion to 16 bit (CD quality) you have the option of dithering the sound to reduce artifacts and lower the noise level (noise shaping) both in real time while editing as well as when rendering the music file to disc. Use the pre-EQ volume slider to prevent clipping. Best results are achieved if your music files are 44.1kHz sampling rate at 16 bit, the typical wav and aif format that corresponds to CD quality. Compressed file formats like ma4 and mp3 are supported as well. Please if you have concerns or encounter problems with the app: post on http://www.audioforge.ca and we will explain how things work, until you can use all the features of the app to the fullest. Thank you

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