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Edjing DJ Turntable #1 free DJ app on iPhone !
Featured App by Apple on February 2012.
4,5 stars with 15 000 RATINGS in the world!

★Discover Edjing DJ Turntable, the mix app of 2012! This is the most popular mix app in 110 countries all around the world and it’s the #1 free mix app on smartphone! ★

you’ve been dreaming of being a great DJ? Edjing DJ Turntable lets you express your talent and offers you a top-of-the-line mix app. Get all the effects a real DJ needs and enjoy mixing with the vinyls! There’s no such thing than Edjing DJ Turntable to liven up your parties!

★The pre-cueing option

Prepare and preview your mix with the pre-cueing mode! Simply plug your headphones and your speakers in your device and listen to the song which is not played to the public.
Live a real mixing experience like a pro DJ!

★Step into the Light with the function TWEET MIX!

Your talent appears in full daylight with the Tweet mix function! At any time, with a single click, you can tweet your mix on Twitter! Tweet your best mix and become a DJ Star!

★Discover the world exclusive “Mix and Move"

Do you want to join the atmosphere? Edjing DJ Turntable turns your iPhone into a DJ turntable and it allows you to Mix with a simple flick of your wrist! This new application makes full use of your iPhone's Gyro. The principle is simple: You can direct the sound effects with your body language. Just keep the desired effect button pressed and make your movement. Listen, move and mix!

★The automatic beats’ synchronization!

Edjing DJ Turntable offers you the automatic sync of the beats of each track you load so you can make better transitions like every DJ does. The app also proposes the fastest BPM calculation on the App Store for seamless transitions!

★ A more realistic scratch than ever 

Edjing DJ Turntable allows you to scratch your favorite music on the table like a professional DJ. Due to highly reactive algorithms Edjing DJ Turntable has become the reference in Mix on iPhone and iPod Touch. An amazing realism!

★ Record your mix in High Quality 

With the "Record" option you can record your mixes and make your own compilations. To find them back just connect your iPhone / iPod to iTunes on your computer.

★To make up for each situation, use the automix mode!

The automix mode mixes for you the whole music library on your IOS device. Choose a playlist, a play mode, the transition duration and here you are! The perfect mix for your party without worrying about it!

★ General Characteristics: 

- Direct access to the iTunes library to mix all your tracks.
- Mix the whole Deezer music library (by country)
- Pre-cueing mode with headphone!
- Standard effects or Gyro effects (Cue, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer, Reverse) 
- Two Turntables + Cross Fader 
- Scratch / Pitch on Vinyl 
- Wide Sound Spectrum for optimum Beat localizing 
- Recording in High Definition CD quality, AIFF format
- An "AutoMix" mode for automatic transitions between titles or playlists 
- Ability to remix mp3 files of more than 1 hour
-Compatible with Airplay
-The Tweet mix function to share your mix on Twitter

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