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DISCLAIMER: Due to its advanced graphics Ecclesia does not work on the first generation iPad.

Ecclesia is an audiovisual iPad app created by electronic music artist Forss in collaboration with ( and designer Leonhard Lass ( . The app lets you experience the full 40 minutes of Forss' latest musical project in an immersive audiovisual environment.

About Ecclesia:

Ecclesia is an album of music whose core inspiration is the church. Made at the dawn of a new postreligious age Ecclesia presents a fascinating dichotomy - on one hand, church music is some of the oldest in Europe, while the form Forss takes - electronica with fully integrated apps - couldn’t be more contemporary and cutting edge.

What the press says:

"Delicate and dense, melodies and sounds from church contexts, found sounds of bells and voices, are set against crisp, sharply-solid, forward-driving electronic beats. And then, there are the visuals: an archaic architecture of mystical symbols and three-dimensional, evolving forms interpret the music in visual form." Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

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