Easy Beat Maker


by Betterprice ltd.


Publisher's Description

Easy Beat Maker is a full multi-track beatmaking & sequencing, music-production environment. Its easy to use and simple interface inspires you like nothing else. You can effortlessly transform your musical ideas into great beats instantly. There are 16 beats to each track that can be highlighted by pressing. When you press play all highlighted parts will play. To unhighlight each part simply press again and the sound will turn off. With 8 great tracks of high quality preset sounds, you can create your beat in just a few minutes. Transform tracks into fresh, new sounds with our multitrack playpack. You can control & effortlessly change the groove of a track by increasing or adjusting the BPM (beats per minute) in real time. You can use this app to make hip-hop beats to rap to or for a backing track or metronome to play with live instruments. Our first edition includes 3 great guitar sounds, bass drum, drum fills, hi-hat, snare and clap. We hope you enjoy.

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