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What is Earwurm.com?
Earwurm.com is a website that revolves around sharing earworms, nasty sticky tunes we all have in our mind from time to time. Did you know earworms, also known as humbugs, Ohrwurms, aneurhythms, musical hooks, involuntary musical imagery, tune wedgies, sticky tunes, cognitive itches, chiclete de ouvido ('ear chewing gum') and musical viruses, can be triggered by just a tiny fragment of a tune? Well, that's what Earwurm.com is all about! 

On this website you'll find the biggest collection of so called earwurms: short fragments of tunes that trigger earworms, which you can share with your friends and family to put crazy songs in their minds. But be aware, you might leave this website humming too!

What's the difference between an earworm and an earwurm?
An earworm is the name given to a song stuck in one's head. An earwurm is the name given to a small segment of a song that can trigger an earworm.

Where can I read more about Earworms, Earwurms, Sticky Songs or Hum Bugs?
Earwurm.com offers you The Definitive Guide To Earworms. Read all about getting Earwurms, identifying them, removing these head tunes and view some statistics.

Are earworms bad for your health?
Up to now, no scientific proof has been found that earworms are bad for your health. Music is fun, and most earworms are in fact good songs.

Isn't it mean to infect other people's brains with music?

Where can I search for an earwurm?
Browse all earwurms on this website here! Type your search in the search field or press the 'Random'-button to select a random earwurm.

I'd like to send someone an earwurm that is not in your database...
You can suggest an earwurm here. First type the song title and artist in the search field. Then you'll get some results from YouTube. Preview the songs and choose one of the songs with the highest quality. Then press the 'Suggest'-button and you'll be directed to the next page - the Earwurm Chopshop. Here you type the correct song title and artist name and chop you earwurm to the right size. Note that earwurms may only be 15 seconds maximum! Then click 'Submit Earwurm' and it will be added to the website, after which you can send it to everyone!

How can I listen to the complete song?
You could type in the artist and song title in YouTube. it is also possible to download the song on iTunes. And...there's a small easter egg that leads you to the direct YouTube link!

Why can't I chop my earwurm down to the exact second?
Earwurm.com uses YouTube to stream the earwurms and unfortunately, YouTube is sometimes not that exact when it comes to starting a song somewhere in the middle. We've found that when you try to start a YouTube clip at 1 minute and 30 seconds, it can consistently start playing at either 1 minute and 28 seconds or at 1 minute and 31 seconds. We regret that this is something we cannot fix. We suggest you try and chop another piece of the song or use a different YouTube clip of the same song. This often works perfectly!

How many Earwurms are there on this site?
Up to now, we have exactly 1863 earwurms in the database. We would like to thank our users for submitting these!

What the most irritating earwurm? Like... EVER?
Have a look here... or look at the Earworst rating on the homepage.

Do you host the earwurms?
No. Earwurm.com is a platform that enables users to send Youtube music fragments (earwurms) to other users. We store the textual information for other users to send the same fragments. If a song isn't available anymore, please press 'report bad earwurm' and it'll be removed.

You are using a song I own the copyright of...
Ah...the c-word. We're sorry, but at this moment it's virtually impossible to check every submitted earwurm for copyright infringement. If a song is used on Earwurm.com, it's already been uploaded to YouTube and thus made available to everyone. So the best thing is to ask uncle YouTube.com to remove your song from his servers. But you can also send us a notice and we'll consider taking it down. 

But please consider this: 1) You should be aware that allowing users to share a short fragment of your song via Earwurm.com might increase sales as it increases the song-awareness of consumers. 2) It's your fault that people have your song stuck in their heads (or do you want them to pay for using your song in their head? They might sue you in return!) 3) If your song is labeled as earwurm here, you could also consider that a big compliment because you did a good job making a catchy song!

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