by Thomas Flølo


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What is DroidRemote?

DroidRemote is an Android to Android remote control for music/media playback.

Tested with DoubleTwist player and Spotify. Please let me know what apps you use it for!

Confirmed from a user in USA that it works with Amazon Cloud player as well

Please leave a comment/rating where you let me know what app you use it for


- You need 2 Android devices phone/phone or phone/tablet

- Configure 1 as Server (player) one as Client(remote) (video on support site)

- Complete the setup (video on support site) and start the server/client

What does it do?

Functions implemented now is next, previous, play/pause. And it's all controlled from an AppWidget.


- You can only remote control the server device from another Android device. No iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian.

- Range from client to server device is limited by Bluetooth

- You have to start playback on the player (server) before you can remote control it with DroidRemote


This does not turn your phone into an FM-transmitter!


In the car:

Connect your server device to an Audio to FM transmitter (Search amazon for products) Tune in your car stereo and voila you have Spotify in your car. The server device can be stowed away in the dashboard.

In your home:

Connect your server device to your Hi-Fi system via AUX cable. Sit in you couch and remote control the playback.

Some of the reason I made this app is the lack of docking stations for Android with remotes (a tleast in the Hi-Fi segment), and that my Car is unable to stream audio over Bluetooth.

So give this app a chance, it is still in Beta so if you have any problems let me know by mail or on the support site.

Thank you.



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