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Downloads music/audiobooks from eMusic.com directly to your Android phone. In order to use this app to download music, you must have or create a paid eMusic.com account. This is NOT an app to get free music. You can try the free version of this app (which is identical in all ways), if you are not sure it is for you. This is the supporter version of Droidian eMusic. It is identical in every way to the free version (neither version has ads) except that it costs $1.99 and by purchasing it, it shows that you appreciate and support the developer and independent Android open-source projects. This an unofficial open-source app. The developer is not officially associated with eMusic in any way. Browse, search & purchase music/audiobooks from eMusic.com to your Android device. Both complete albums and single tracks can be downloaded. Listen to audio samples when available. All albums and audiobooks are available DRM free as ordinary mp3 files from the eMusic.com store. eMusic is known for great indie music selection and knowledgeable subscribers and has the largest unencrypted audiobook store on the web. Downloaded music and audiobooks are automatically added to the Android music player library.

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