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DJZ TxT is a brand new app that lets you use emojis to text music and beats to your friends. Every conversation is a new remix. DJZ TxT is how DJs text

  • Pick your DJ name and use emojis to turn your messages to music. 
  • Play back your messages, or a whole conversation as a song.
  • Share your djztxts as musical mixes.
  • 250 different sounds and loops can make 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different songs
  • Kick, snare, and hihats: mix up your beats
  • Rocking bass loops: show your friends some wub-wub-wuuuuub
  • Synth leads for melody: get your dance on
  • Sound effects, memes, and samples
  • (Even more sounds coming soon!) 

If you can text with emojis, you can make electronic dance music with DJZ TxT. It's stupid simple to use, and creates amazing mixes that you can share with your friends.

Show your friends how DJs text and watch them get wild.


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