DJ Spooky


by Musicsoft Arts


Publisher's Description


DJ Spooky official iPhone App developed by DJ Spooky and Musicsoft Arts.

Download, play and mix exclusive DJ Spooky track created for this App.

Play sound effects over the tracks, including special sound effects created by DJ Spooky for this App. The App will mix music for you automatically or you can use the built-in DJ Spooky Mixer to mix the tracks yourselves in a party.

The App includes 2 new and exclusive downloadable DJ Spooky tracks and free DJ Spooky sound effects.

You can also purchase additional and exclusive mixable tracks created by DJ Spooky for this App, and purchase additional exclusive DJ Spooky sound effects to spice up your mix.

You can mix your own music in the App by unlocking the mix your own music feature. Once unlocked, you'll be able to copy your music to the App over WiFi or through


Download For

Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
It costs $15 if you want to import more than four of your own tracks; other in-app purchases are available too.

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