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The brilliant song playlist app for DJ's. 


Want to be able to select songs from your iTunes playlists but with songs you've already played hidden?

Want a list of what you played during your set to analyze your choices afterwards?

Don't have a great memory for song names and what you've already played?

Like to have a few drinks while playing at parties but worry you might play the same song twice?

Want to avoid multiple DJ's playing the same songs during a night?

This is the app for you. All of your iTunes songs and playlists are shown just like in music player and popular DJ'ing apps. When you play a song just press its button in this app and it changes to being shown greyed out. If the song appears in multiple iTunes playlists it is greyed out in all of them. Nice and simple to let you see only songs you’ve not played yet.

If you use this app on a separate device to the one your playing your set from you can also double tap songs to quickly hear them - a really handy way of quickly finding the next perfect tune to play. Double tapping again skips you through the song. This feature is also great for listening to the songs you played last night in the Played Songs playlist. 


At the end of the night you can also email a sequential list of the songs you played to yourself or anyone else.

Use on the same device you’re playing on by switching between app's using multitasking, or use it on another Apple device. If your devices have been synced to the same iTunes library the same songs and playlists will be shown in the app.

The select playlist screen:

Played Songs - A sequential list of all the songs you've marked as played.

All Music - All of the songs in your iTunes library sorted alphabetically.

Reset Button - Press and then confirm to clear all songs to not played.

Info button – Press for instructions and to email your played song list. 


The playlist selected screen:

Press the button on any song to mark it as played and it is greyed out.

Press the button again on any played song to mark it as not played (e.g. in case a song has been marked as played in error).

Double tap any song to play it. Double tapping again jumps forward 30 seconds.

Crash protection - the app saves the played songs every time a new song is added so in the event the app should crash (it doesn't, but just in case) the played song list will be safe.

Note for users with older devices:- Scrolling with cover art for each song turned on works great on the iPhone 4S and the 3rd generation iPad. However on older devices it can be a bit jerky at times due to the file sizes of the cover art images in the iTunes library, so the app provides the option to turn it off if you prefer ultimate speed over the visual benefit of seeing the cover art for each song.

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