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The original iPhone DJ Mixer is back with many improvements. The App allows you to quickly mix songs from your iPod music library. DJ Mixer is the only iPhone DJ mixer that allows you to beat match your tracks without affecting the playback pitch and to quickly skip around your tracks to find a good spot to mix using a unique visual music display and an auto BPM detection.

Use DJ Mixer to quickly play a continuous mix of your music with smooth fades between songs or to mix your tracks at a party or just for yourself. DJ Mixer turns your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4 into a powerful interactive music mixer that lets you play your music at a party like a pro without using expensive and complicated hardware and software.


- Auto mixing. Play an automatic smooth mix of your music. Upcoming tracks in your playlist are faded in as outgoing tracks are faded out. Auto mix also beat matches your tracks for you.

- Beat matching. Beat match your tracks without altering the pitch to create great sounding mixes.

- Sync feature. Sync the beats and the bars of 2 tracks with one touch.

- Interactive mixing. Use the high-quality 2 channel mixer to easily mix any 2 tracks in your playlist without a dedicated music mixer hardware

- Easy to use. Designed by DJs for the inner DJ in you, the interface is easy and fun to use so you can focus on the fun part of social music playback

- Sound effects. Play vinyl record rewinds, spin-backs, drum rolls, sirens, horns and spoken word sounds over your tracks to spice up your mix.

- Mix effects. Use the built-in mix sound effects to perform beautiful mixes of your tracks

- Scratches. Scratch over your music like the pros as if you are playing on a turntable

- Visual music display. Automatic generation and display of the volume levels of your tracks in different song sections assist you in finding the best time to mix

- High Performance. Includes a highly accurate and low-latency real-time audio mixing technology

To learn more about how DJ Player works including how to copy your music to the App, please visit For the latest updates follow us on Twitter at or read our blog at

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