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DISTRO is a music distribution platform based out of Brooklyn, NY.

We want to change the way that people interact with music. We want to make it easy for bands and venues to promote concerts. We want to simplify how music listeners receive new music. We want to be in touch with our users, because we want to help.

What is DISTRO?

DISTRO is a subscription-based music distribution platform.

How can I get my own landing page?

Send an e-mail to newnetwork@distro.fm to set up your own landing page. Make sure to specify what you want your ^networkname^ to be. We’ll have it up and running shortly.

How can I make changes to my landing page? / How can I upload a song to broadcast to my subscribers? / How do I tag a song with a concert date?

For right now, just send us an e-mail, and we’ll be happy to make any changes/updates: hello@distro.fm

Why do I have to e-mail someone, why can’t I just do it myself?

We just launched our site, and we’re gathering feedback and implementing new site functionality based on that feedback. Please be patient with us, and thanks for being our first generation of users! Feedback is always welcome: hello@distro.fm

I subscribed to a network and I don’t seem to be getting any music from them. Why not?

Chances are, that network hasn’t been ‘claimed’ yet. We’re on it.

It looks like there’s a landing page for my band/venue… How can I start broadcasting music?

It’s easy! Just send us an e-mail (hello@distro.fm) to claim your network, and then you can begin broadcasting music and promoting shows.

What networks are live on DISTRO?

You can see a list of live networks here.

I am the copyright owner, or I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner, of content that has been broadcast by a network on DISTRO.fm, and I would like this content to be removed.

Please send a ‘Notice of Copyright Infringement’ to DMCA@distro.fm, and we will promptly respond to your request.


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Nearly all of the money fans pay to Distro.fm passes through to the artist, because it's a non-profit, although details are not yet available.

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