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Is that a party in your pocket? With Decks real-time virtual mixing for the iPhone, the answer is always yes. Mix, cut, crossfade or slam between decks to create your perfect mix using professionally created tracks. Ready to use for even novice users, automatic beat matching ensures all sounds can be mixed in real-time in seconds. Within minutes you will be impressing your friends and considering yourself a master DJ. Drag highlighted records to either record deck and use the crossfader and pitch control to control output the same as you would using a real life mixer. Additional Wah & distortion effects allows you to mix it up as the mood takes you. This is the totally free version of Decks which now contains the full Decks "Miami" version featuring 28 professionally created tracks. Decks Reggae, Drum and Bass & Allstars Funk editions are also available now. Soulful House & Hip Hop MC versions coming soon to the App Store. Get your groove on. How to Use -------------------- Drag highlighted records to either record deck; Use the crossfader to control audio output; Move pitch control adjust playback speed; Touch a currently playing record to toggle on/off; Drag a record off the record deck to remove; Touch effects to toggle on/off with current output;

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