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Most knowledgeable music fans got that way in part by poring over the web, attending shows, and talking to other people. The thing is, not everyone has the time to be an expert, which is bad news in particular for members of the electronic music circle, where there’s a decided emphasis on one’s knowledge and experience. I’ve heard this referred to as “headiness.” For those looking to gain “heady” points without putting in the time, try, which tracks the top trending electronic music in a number of genres in a group listening room on the web, and now comes in iOS app form too review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description crawls the web for the top, best trending and charting electronic music. Sorts it based on its genre and then its popularity so you are always in the loop with the best electronic music.

Always wondering where and how people find and spend their time searching for good electronica? Now you can do this while you work or relaxing. Turn on and let it play you the best music around. This was made by DJ's for DJ's and anyone who is interested in getting into electronic music or someone who just wants to find more.

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