Cloud Music Sniper


by r2DoesInc


Publisher's Description

Got music stored on the cloud with Google Music? Got other music apps you prefer, WinAMP, mixZing, or CyanogenMods new music player? Well this is the app for you. No longer is your music limited to your data connection and being played in one app. Its your music, play it when, where, and how YOU want to.

This app allows you to take the "offline" music and make it available to any player, with all the id3 info intact. This app is so powerful that you can even take the music off your phone once its been sniped and play it on any desktop music program with no hassle.

Just make your music available offline, fire up the Sniper app, and click the button! The music will then be stored on your sdcard at /sdcard/t3hh4xx0r/gMusicSniper/ with artist, album, and track name along with the album artwork (if there is any) embedded in the mp3. And if there is no album artwork, well, we can just pull that from the internet for you. No big deal. :)


Main Features

-User selectable output directory

-Selective Sniping (select only the tracks you want to Snipe)

-Snipe all (Snipe all available tracks.

-Last.FM artwork lookup.

-Auto mediaserver updates, no reboot or sd rescan needed. 

-Just snipe the track and its available to all apps.

-Background notification with/without album artwork displayed.

-Optional deletion of original cached files.

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