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We are proud to introduce the new Cardas Clarifier App for iPhone. The Cardas Clarifier delivers a unique experience that you can use to impress your friends and make your enemies green with envy.


Running this app periodically will degauss, and thereby Clarify, the sound of your headphones, earbuds, or stereo system.


The Clarifying process works by nulling magnetic eddies in speaker pole pieces, crossovers, and other places in the system that, through time and use, get "gaussed up". Mechanical stresses in diaphragms and other moving parts are also relieved - simultaneously relieving stress in the listener.


The Cardas Frequency Sweep Record, developed by George Cardas, has been an audiophile staple for more than 25 years. First released on vinyl, then adapted into Ayre's "Irrational But Efficacious" CD, it has been used hundreds of thousands of times to bring Clarity and added listening pleasure to music lovers around the world. While still available in these aforementioned formats, the new Cardas Clarifier App makes this process available in this latest and portable form. Not to mention the most economical.


The Cardas Clarifier is simple to use:


Step 1 - Play your favorite song through your listening system (earphones, earbuds, stereo system, etc.)


Step 2 - "Clarify" the system by running the Clarifier's Long Sweep (the Short Sweep is for periodic maintenance).


Step 3 - Listen to the same song through the system.


Cardas Audio is proud to release this app to the world to truly help the listener connect to the music.


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