Clap Box


by Puremagnetik


Publisher's Description


"Puremagnetik have created a like for like recreation of the old box on iOS... And it sounds really good!" — Oh Drat Digital


Now you can put the legendary Simmons Clap Trap right in your pocket or backpack! The Clap Trap was an iconic 1980s "Handclap Synthesizer" whose unique sound can be heard across much of early electronica.


Clap Box is a perfect emulation of the original that includes modern enhancements like full Core MIDI support, microphone triggering and BPM matching. Just clap your hands or stomp your feet in real-time to trigger it! Simple, fun and intuitive, Clap Box is a great way to drop some instant retro into your productions.




• Authentic emulation of the original Simmons Clap Trap made with real samples


• Audio Trigger via your device's built in mic - just clap your hands in realtime to trigger!


• Full MIDI support over WiFi, USB camera connection kit or a dedicated MIDI interface such as IK Multimedia's iRig MIDI.


• Hi resolution Retina Display graphics


• "Humanize" function creates random variations


• Quick "Tool Tip" pop ups from info button


Some Fun Clap Box Tricks


• Turn AutoTrigger Sensitivity all the way up, turn the volume up and put Clap Box on a hard surface. The vibrations will create a feedback loop. Enable humanize and Auto Speed for more craziness.


• Create all kinds of snare drum sounds using combinations of "Balance" and Crash "Decay"


• Use the MIDI input to sequence fast rolls and electronic sound design effects.


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