Cassette Player


by Kai Bruchman


Publisher's Description

Use this Cassette Player as alternative Music Player. There is a complete iPod-control integrated and you have control on your whole music collection. Thereby when you select single track, interprets, albums or playlists a temporary playlist will be created , which remains until the last track is played. This list also remains when you press Pause, terminate the program and restart it later. 


- Select from iPod Libary

- Play, Pause, Track forward, Track backward

- Fast forward, fast backward

- Shuffle mode

- Scratch function (very nice ;-)

- Volume control

- Approximation sensor: Display shuts off when you turn the device or put it in a pocket. 


- Track, Interpret, Album

- Time: actual position, maximum length

- Progressbar for time display

- The tape reels are rotating

- Cover-picture

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