Carol of the Bells: Piano Play-Along


by Zenph Sound Innovations


Publisher's Description


(for all skill levels)

Dazzle your family and friends with your piano skills this holiday season! Lead your orchestra through your very own performance of Carol of the Bells. Use the on-screen keyboard to play a simple arrangement, connect a MIDI keyboard using a suitable connector kit (visit for details), or simply play along with your acoustic piano. 

This play-along app includes Carol of the Bells in five different arrangements for varied skill-levels. The three simpler arrangements can be played using the on-screen keyboard. All five arrangements can be played with an external MIDI keyboard or acoustic piano.

This app is powered by Zenph’s Home Concert Xtreme (HCX). When used with a MIDI keyboard, HCX responds to your playing by following your timing, tempo, and volume, giving you your own accompanist, rehearsal tool, and music tutor. Use the in-app documentation to explore our extensive feature list. Search for ‘Home Concert’ on the App Store or visit for information on the full-function version of award-winning HCX. 


HCX works in three ways: 

• LEARN: waits for you to play the right note. 

• JAM: plays the accompaniment and you have to keep up. Use this with an acoustic piano, for example.

• PERFORM: follows your tempo and jumps to another part of the piece if you jump.

In all three, HCX tracks your dynamics and adjusts the loudness of the accompaniment as you play. 



• track mixer 

• single button for muting all accompaniment tracks 

• on-screen keyboard display that shows the correct note in Learn mode


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