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Doesn’t it suck when you’re in charge of “putting on music” yet can’t find a jam that everyone will like? Let us take care of that. With the Camelback Music app, not only can you stream songs from our daily updated music blog like the dopest radio station on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, but you can also save/email the songs to your iTunes not costing a penny. Listen to our playlists for the most diverse things you do with your days. Whether you’re a mash-up fiend, a dubstep head, or a remix guy, we got you covered. All for free. If you’re a long term Camelback Music fan you’ll be sure to dig this app. If you’re a newcomer, you better jump on board to see what everyone’s talking about. Find the newest songs sweeping across the nation before everyone else or watch the awesome Videos of the Day. Stop dreaming of the perfect music app and start downloading it-swag. If you like a song you hear, you easily email it to yourself as an .mp3 file attachment from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch through the app to put on your iTunes/iPod-now that’s gravy. Earn points to win free tank tops, tickets, and other great things by simply sharing the app with friends through Facebook in our Profile section. There’s nothing worse then not knowing the song everyone is raving about, but there’s nothing better than being on the “in” and sharing that song with others. Download this free app and let the music make sweet love to your ears- trust me, you won’t regret it. Enjoy.

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