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The best relaxation music for contemporary, classical, new age, jazz, healing Android 2.1+ firmware required. Non-members: This app gives the listener 35 free channels of relaxation music, Contemporary, Classical, Ambient, Jazz, Healing, Celtic, Native music and more. Become a member and get music streaming WITHOUT commercials every 4th song) Become a member for a low fee and get access to all our private VIP channels, commercial-free, plus get our Atmosphere channels, specially designed for sleep, concentration and for ringing-in-the-ear sufferers. VIP Features: 1 - 35 Commercial-free music channels 2 - Three audio qualities - 192K, 128K, 64K 3 - Current album cover, artist name, album name and song title. 4 - Sleep Timer 5 - Audio buffer 6 - Additional 16 Atmosphere channels. Great for sleeping, tinnitus or ringing in the ear sufferers as well as concentration Non-member Features: 1 - 35 music channels (with commercials) 2 - Current album cover, artist name, album name and song title. 3 - Sleep Timer 4 - Audio buffer 5 - 64K Listening 6 - Commercials every 4th song

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