Brain Shift Radio


by Strong Institute


Publisher's Description

Brain Shift Radio is a new innovation in music streaming and auditory brain stimulation that gives you unprecedented control over your experience. Utilizing our proprietary dual-stream technology, you can adjust the mix between the psychological and physiological aspects of music to achieve calm, focus, sleep, energy, mood, meditation, and brain fitness that works for your brain.

First, you tell us how you would like your brain to shift and let us choose the best rhythm and ambient tracks for your goals. Adjust the balance and you are on your way. If you want more control, switch to Manual Mode and choose your rhythm and ambient tracks and mix to taste.

As you rate and save your mixes, we learn your preferences and can make better choices for you. You can share your tracks with the community and to friends on the outside. You can play other member's mixes and explore mix options.

We all use music in prescriptive ways. But Brain Shift Radio takes it a few steps further: We are researched (clinical, indeed) and proven. And Brain Shift Radio is custom-made. So, do you wish to focus? Or do you want to sleep? How about a little calm? You can let us choose the mix or you can mix your own. Either way, Brain Shift Radio will take you where you want to go.

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Web $0.00 $10.00
Brain Shift Radio is free for seven days; after that, you'd need to pay either $10/month or $20/month to keep using it.

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