Bowls - Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls


by Oceanhouse Media


Publisher's Description

Swirl your finger slowly around the edges of the bowls to create and control beautiful meditative harmonic tones. Tap the bowls, gongs, bells, and tingsha cymbals to add depth and variety to your music. Easily swipe between the 7 included bowls to explore their unique sounds and the effects on your body, mind and soul. Use the healing sounds of Bowls to... Relax; Make music; Reduce stress; Boost your creativity; Prepare for meditation; Calm yourself before an exam; Escape from a noisy situation; Focus before, during or after yoga Tips Swirl your finger slowly on the rim of each bowl to get it to sing; Bowls is best experienced with earbuds or headphones; Use low volume for ambience or higher volume to focus your meditation; Connect to a stereo system to play your music in a group environment

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