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Blicko is a social music-player which lets people influence music when they are listening together. Each hosted music-player is called a Station. A user can connect to a station with any online device that has a browser. When connecting, the user can either sign in through his/hers Facebook account, Twitter account, Anonymously, or as a passive Spectator without any interaction avaliable (depending on the station's settings). After connecting a user can submit tracks to an upcoming playlist from the avaliable music-libraries set up by the administrators. He or she can also collaboratively change the order of the playlist by voting on upcoming tracks. The track with the most votes will be the next in line for playback.


There are two ways to playback music from a Blicko station. The simplistic way is what we like to call: "Web-playback", which basically opens a player in a new tab that embeds YouTube videos and tries to play Spotify tracks from their (hopefully installed) desktop application. Note that local tracks cannot be played this way and that experiences may vary because the playback isn't as syncronized with the station as we'd wish it could be. 

Therefore we have another (i.e. preferred) way to play the audio from a Station. This involves a computer with a Blicko Tuner installed. The Tuner is a downloadable Windows application that can be paired with any Blicko Station. When the Tuner connects to a Station it synchronizes and starts playing the song which is currently active. In a typical scenario a place or venue would have a single computer with the Tuner installed and tuned into a certain Station. This computer would also be connected to the main sound-system in order to play the station's music to everyone. The participants or visitors in the venue are logged on to the station with their smartphones, tablets or laptops to interact and affect what music the station plays.


Each station has a group of administrators which have full control of the upcoming playlist and can change various settings. A station can be set to be private and password protected or fully public. If desired, a station can be configured to not accept new song-submissions and only allow votings on existing songs. Songs can also be added as repeating in order to always have some songs in the queue when there is no activity. A station doesn't necessarily have to represent a specific place or venue and can allow people to connect from home.

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