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When it comes to designing a car music player, developer Robert Baker says bigger is better.

His app lets you choose between one comically large button, which can be assigned as play/pause or next track, or if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, you can switch to three still-pretty-big buttons for play/pause, skip, and back.

Big Button Music Player ($1) has been around the block a few times, touting itself as “the original” big button app. But only recently did Baker release an update that allows volume control by tapping the artist name, also incorporating for the first time the beloved single button option for that function.

With its “can’t possibly mess this up” functionality, there’s not much you could criticize here. It simply offers one of the simplest ways to control music playback on an iPhone while driving. Big Button Music Player is a fine choice for users looking to balance the simplest interface with a healthy selection of customization options, and indeed, it’s one of our top picks among car players.

You can turn off Auto-Lock, which prevents your iPhone from going to sleep and depriving you of single-tap access to that big button. The screensaver can be set to black or to display artist, track, and playback time, saving your eyes in the dark, and possibly your battery. Turning off album artwork makes the buttons — which we hear are quite large — even easier to see.

You can also customize the button and artwork brightness; we found that it worked best at 50 percent for artwork and 100 percent for buttons. Meanwhile, color control offers a seemingly infinite number of options for displaying title, artist, and time. review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description

"The smoothness of the design and functionality raises this above many one-use player control gimmick apps..."
- MusicWeek

The original iPhone/iPod Touch music player app with BIG buttons - just like the name says !!!

Have you used other music players that force you to 'draw' gestures on the screen, only to have them perform a different function than the one you THOUGHT you drew?

With its BIG buttons at your fingertips, controlling your music is easy with Big Button Music Player!

No more fumbling to control your music.
No more swiping and drawing on the screen.
Just BIG, well placed buttons that are easy to use.

Big Button Music Player is an ideal solution for playing items from your iPod library while driving in your vehicle. Listen to some of your favorite music, catch up on that great audiobook during a long commute to work, listen to a new podcast - it's up to you!


★ iPod Controls
-Next Track
-Previous Track
-Fast Forward
-Repeat (All Songs or Current Song)

★ Auto-Lock Disable
Provides the ability to turn off Auto-Lock (just for the app, not the device), which prevents the device from going to sleep.

★ Screen-Saver
A screen-saver can be enabled to 'blank' the screen (DOES NOT TURN OFF BACKLIGHT). When using the screen-saver, you can set the time delay from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, and can also choose to continue displaying the title/artist, and optionally the playback time.

★ Album Artwork
You can choose whether or not to display album artwork.

★ Button Borders
The Play/Pause, Previous Track, and Next Track buttons can be displayed without the thin borders surrounding them.

★ On-screen Volume Control
Tap the Title/Artist area of the screen to display a volume slider for adjusting the playback volume.

★ Single Button
Use one HUGE button instead of three. Choose either Play/Pause or Next Track as the button type.

★ Title/Artist/Time Color
Change the color of the text for the currently playing item's Title and Artist. You can also change the color of the text for the playback time.

★ Time Slider/Scrubber
You can choose to display a slider that can be used to adjust the playback time position similar to the built-in iPod. *** NOTE *** When using the slider, the currently playing item's playback time position isn't actually adjusted until you remove your finger from the slider, although the time on the screen is adjusted as you move the slider. Due to the nature of the Apple provided mechanisms for adjusting the playback time position, this method provides a smoother and more reliable way of adjusting the playback time.

★ Artwork and Button Brightness
When displaying album artwork, you can adjust the brightness of the artwork. You can also adjust the brightness of the Play/Pause, Previous Track, and Next Track buttons.

★ "One At A Time" Mode
Big Button Music Player also features a mode that allows you to select items from your library but not have them play automatically, rather, you have to press the play button to start each item. When an item finishes, the next item is cued up, ready to play, but will not start playing until you press the play button. This mode also allows you to insert items into the list of cued items. This mode is great for:

** Skits or plays
** Playing backing music during performances
** DJs
** Many other uses!!!

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