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Our new music video and social network BEAT100 App gives you access to the best new music whilst making new friends and connections at the touch of your fingertips. If you want to watch chart topping music videos, chat live with your friends and decide who takes home the weekly music video chart cash prize, then BEAT100 have created the perfect on-the-go app to do so.

BEAT100 is the biggest up and coming social network that is available to you 24/7 from the push of a button. Our weekly music video competition enables YOU to determine which are the best new music videos globally.

Not only does the BEAT100 app support a music video chart, but enables you to watch any videos uploaded into the video network section of the site. This includes all types of entertainment videos, from extreme sports to a video of you and your mates, for you to watch, comment or like!

BEAT100 includes all the features of a social network enabling you to:

- Add your You Tube videos in seconds
- Live chat and message feature
- Upload videos, photos, music and share to facebook and twitter 
- Share, comment and like
- Post status updates onto a private or public social wall
- Create band/artist pages and upload MP3 music files
- Share your favourite videos on all your other social networking accounts

Plus, BEAT100 allows you to login directly through your Facebook account, giving you a simple & quick sign up!

Our app lets you keep on top of what's happening from wherever you are! Whether you're placing a sneaky vote on your favourite video at work, or want to post a status update about your current activities - you no longer have to wait until you get home to tell the world.


Upload your videos straight onto or directly via YouTube into the Music Video Charts or Video Network! This includes entertainment, sports and any other genre of your choice! Be in a chance of winning cash, plus worldwide exposure, every week!

BEAT100 aims to bring you the best of all social networks into one very smart little package that offers one thing where the others fall short... rewards for your hard-work and talent!

As if rewarding you for your best footage isn't enough, BEAT100 also provides live chat, photo & video sharing, status updates, games, music and much more!

"We decided to start Beat100 because we want to combine the whole social networking and online video experience into one easy to use site. Inspired by the influx of social networking sites on the internet, we are keen to merge the principles of popular social networking site with Beat100's own identity".

"We want users to still be able to interact with their friends, families and communities on an easy to use format, but also give our users something back by offering them the chance to enter our weekly music video charts. Beat100 will be the place to be for social networking. Users can stay connected with friends but also watch videos featuring anything from Music videos, BMX freestylers to family fun "

Like what you've heard so far? Then BEAT100 is the app you've been waiting for.


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