Beat Rock


by Foo's Apps LLC


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Beat Rock is the first beat-synchronized DJ application that allows you to mix songs with automatic beat matching. Guided by a master tempo, your mix will always be in-time, and sure to please the crowd with each seamless transition. Set up your individual tracks with custom Cue Points, EQ, and Gain settings. Flair up your songs with classic Flanging, Delay, and Bitcrush effects to give each set its own originality. With the touch of a finger, you can filter out low and high frequencies, creating the notorious muffled/ sweeping effect used by both commercial and professional DJs alike. Get creative with the loop function - with eight time-sequenced loop parameters to choose from, you can easily create new patterns and arrangements within your music. Promote your sounds by recording and sharing your live mixes on SoundCloud. 



• Mix seamlessly with advanced beat synchronization. 

• Manual Beat Mode (interchangeable track BPM and start-frame) 

• Time shift beat alignment (tracks are always on beat and maintain pitch) 

• Add or remove frequencies with a three-band EQ. 

• Enjoy quality sound at a remarkable 44.1k stereo audio. 

• Assign up to three Cue Points to create start points, and add versatility to each track. 

• Explore the Parametric Looper 

• Shift each loop parameter by a quarter note to create distinct patterns and grooves in your mix. 

• Switch the loop mode from 'in-place' to buffer, to alter looping functionality. 

• Apply up to three effects simultaneously: Flanger, Delay & Crusher. 

• Import tracks directly from your iPod/Music Library. 

• Create and edit custom playlists to organize music. 

• Library Searching (search for track name, artist, or comments) 

• Record live sets for future playback. 

• Upload recorded mixes to SoundCloud. 

• Perform wirelessly with Airplay integration.


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