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Step inside’s photo-realistic virtual venue and discover exclusive HD music videos from the best emerging bands. We’ve created an intuitive, engaging, slick experience that combines the character of your favorite hangout spot with the sophistication of professional quality HD music video content. 

Inside you will find a curated library of live performances, featuring the best new music from emerging artists like Wallpaper, Geographer, The Stone Foxes, Mirah, Ana Tijoux, and hundreds more. There's also documentaries, episodic series, and lots more great stuff. We're constantly releasing new videos, so come back often to discover new music.

All the features you love about previous musical formats (the liner notes and artwork of vinyl, the eclectic track arrangement of mixtapes, the audio fidelity of CDs) - well, we've got 'em. And we've injected those elements into a virtual venue environment that is so authentic you can almost smell the stale beer in the air.

You will land inside a world full of doors and drawers to open and explore. Members of the staff are represented as photo-realistic avatars to help you discover great new music. You can create customized playmixes of your favorite artists and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

At the moment, there are three environments to explore:

ALLEY – Hang out with Jerad and Angela and then check out the TV and boom box. When you’re ready, enter through the front door and let the fun begin.

LOBBY – Here you will find all sorts of goodies ... if you know where to look. Brock, Jonathan, Sonia and Phil are there to help if you get lost. Once you earn some coins, you can access exclusive content at the vending machine.

AUDITORIUM – This is where you create custom playmixes and dive deep into the music library. Check out the Listen, Learn, and Engage tabs for band bios, blogs, and the latest tour dates of your favorite artists.

Getting around is simple. Navigate through the venue by swiping left and right. Tap on any object that looks interesting, and you will likely discover some great new music. If you just want to be a casual viewer, that's no problem. You can lean back and enjoy a curated mix of HD music videos (we play nice with AirPlay and Apple TV, in case you were wondering). 

Or maybe you’re the competitive type, or if you just want to show some love for your favorite artists, you can unlock premium content by exploring the venue and sharing your favorite videos with your friends. There’s a world of ringtones, documentaries, live streams, and surprises awaiting you behind the doors of the Control Room, Edit Suite, Lounge, and Backstage. 

The best part is: the more you put in, the more you get out. Just keep engaging, and you’ll be a VIP in no time!


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