Awareness: The Headphone App


by Essency

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 Take your iPhone listening experience to the next level. Now you can hear not only your music, but the world around you too. 

Perfect for exercising at the gym, jogging outside, awaiting a boarding call at the airport, or even listening to a podcast while watching kids in the playground. 

You control how much outside sound is heard and when. No need to remove or re-adjust your earphones, even with noise cancelling or noise isolating headsets.

Brand-new AWARENESS!® V2.5 is heavily refined, has a new helpful interface and includes all the features that were previously paid options.

Enjoy your music – but still hear danger!

Awareness!™ will interrupt your music for sudden loud noises like cars, screams or announcements. A must-have for joggers, cyclists and travellers. 

NOTES: You need an iPhone type headset with an inline microphone for optimum results

NOTES: Cannot work with Wireless or Bluetooth headsets

★ Awareness!® could save your life, stop you missing a flight, or just let you listen & talk

★ If you walk, run, jog or cycle with headphones, you need Awareness!

★ Listen to music AND the outside world 


Awareness!® listens to the outside world using the inline mic in your headset. If a sound exceeds background noise, Awareness feeds the sound into your headphones and you hear it!

★ Joggers & cyclists - hear that truck before it flattens you

★ Travelers - watch a movie without missing your announcements

★ Workers - listen to music but hear the phone ringing 

★ Multitaskers – talk to friends AND listen to music at the same time!


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