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AWARENESS!® FOR ETYMOTIC is included with the purchase of your Etymotic headset. It is the ‘lite’ version of our advanced PRO-audio mobile app, which is specifically tuned to match the sensitivity and microphone of Etymotic hf3, mc3 and ETY•Kids headsets. 

This app controls how much outside sound is heard while you listen to music, without the inconvenience of removing your headset. 

It also features a useful dB Noise Meter to monitor how loud your environment is. 

DOWNLOAD NOW to try it out. 

Listeners can change sound level settings to hear not only their music, but also the world around them. Perfect for exercising at the gym, jogging outside, awaiting a boarding call at the airport, hearing when someone asks if you like a cup of coffee in the office, or when the phone or doorbell rings at home. Awareness! is the perfect solution.

Why Programmable Noise Isolation?

Etymotic headsets offer the highest noise isolation available, blocking up to 98% of ambient noise. There will be times when you want or need to be more aware of your surroundings. 


1. Etymotic owners: Register your headset and create your Etymotic user account at

2. Fire up Awareness!® for Etymotic on your iDevice and log in.

Go to for further instructions and Awareness!® FAQ’s.

AWARENESS!® FOR ETYMOTIC is an innovative mobile app for anyone who uses an hf3, mc3 or ETY•Kids headset and chooses to hear sounds around them.

 This true iOS5 multi-tasking app works in the background while you are running other apps.

Features include:

AutoSet - On start up, the app measures the noise around you. It then sets the level at which your headset microphone switches on, so you hear anything that is louder than the usual background noise. 

Bypass / Mic - 
Switches your headset microphone on instantly. 

Perfect if you want to hear what’s going on around you without having to remove your headset.

Microphone Boost – A high-power amplifier that boosts sounds picked up by your headset microphone. Use with caution, as this can cause loud feedback!

Microphone Delay – Adds a small adjustable time delay before the microphone switches on, to prevent the accidental triggering of the microphone caused by cable rub or wind.

Vibrate / Noise Alarm - Makes your iOS device vibrate when the set audio level is exceeded. Works with all audio apps except iOS music players. 

VoiceOver UI - A special portrait accessibility mode, optimized for Apple's VoiceOver system interface for the visually impaired


Get the discounted In-App Upgrade for parity with AWARENESS!® 

for ETYMOTIC PRO features and save $10.00

If you want more features such as:

AutoPause - Pauses and resumes music when the outside noise exceeds the set microphone threshold, so you never miss a thing! Great for audio books. (For iOS music player only)

AutoSet Plus - 
Same as AutoSet except it automatically adjusts the microphone threshold at a set interval of your choice. Great on the move.

ClearVoice - 
Makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear.

Ducking - Smoothly lowers your music when the microphone is triggered and turns it back up when outside noise drops to normal levels.

Upgrade to parity with AWARENESS!® for ETYMOTIC PRO features at a special discounted price (saves $10.00) to add these useful features!


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