aWARemote for WinampŽ


by GeB Development


Publisher's Description

aWARemote Do you sometimes ask yourself what is the best way to remote control WinampŽ with your Android Smartphone? Here is the answer: aWARemote for WinampŽ is a WiFi remote control for WinampŽ providing the following features: -Play/Pause, Next, Previous -Playlist and basic editing -Media Library (DEMO with up to 400 entries) -access saved playlists in WinampŽ (max 4 in free version) -Widget -Equalizer -Album Cover -And much more to find out! Check Preferences for Performance options and additional features. You just need to install the server application from (click on "Get Free Server") and (in the app) enter the IP Address of the host computer where Winamp runs.

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