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Start with a beat and end with a hit! Aviary’s Music Creator gives its users the opportunity to let their voice and musical talent shine through. With over 50 free instruments (and counting!), users can create simple beats or an epic masterpiece with our simple point and click interface. Once you’ve created a hit song or a new ringtone for your phone, collaborate with friends or share your creation with big name record executives. The possibilities are endless! *Note: This application is not an extension, so it will not appear on your browser's toolbar after installation. Shortcuts to all Chrome web apps can be found by opening a new tab - you'll see thumbnails for all your installed apps there!* Example Uses: --------------------- * Recording backing beats for personal use * Designing sounds for movie and tv show soundtracks * Remixing your favorite songs for a party Features: ------------ * Simple point and click interface * Easy exporting to ringtones and mp3 * 50+ free instruments * Record your own voice or import an mp3 * Share and collaborate with other users Help/Support: -------------------------------- * Aviary Music Creator FAQ: http://bit.ly/rocFAQ * For a complete list of applications available, go to http://aviary.com/tools

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