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More amazing multimedia content is coming out every day. The downside? Organizing your collection is getting more time-consuming and tedious. You run into hard disk failures, application setup and maintenance issues, synchronization hiccups, a tangle of cables and adapters...when all you really want to do is kick back and enjoy your media.

Now you can.

We created AudioBox™ because we think an awesome media collection deserves to be organized, accessible and secure – and that getting it this way should be quick and easy.

First, there's no chance of losing data. You can use your cloud storage service of choice - Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and others - so your media files are at your fingertips on every supported platform, ready to be streamed or managed anytime, anywhere.

AudioBox redefines how all types of media files are streamed and managed in the cloud by giving them a secure, “always-on” life. Regardless of the device you use to access them, they’re always right where you want them.

Our patent-pending Unified Library™ technology connects your AudioBox account to third-party storage services, making all of their functionality available on a single platform. It also lets you expand your features by linking your account to external services such as, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, musiXmatch, iTunes and many others.



AudioBox official client for iOS. Your media collection is now truly portable! Stream from anywhere, it doesn't matter where your files are stored. Upload and stream from the cloud, directly from your desktop or from the most popular cloud services. Mix your favorite tracks in custom or smart playlists, even if they are stored on different cloud sources.


* Retina-ready, pixel perfect.

* AirPlay enabled.

* Background streaming.

* Pause/resume during phone calls.

* Artwork and track informations in lock screen.

* Native now playing info center enabled.

* Remote controls.

* Pre-buffering.

* Gapless playback.

* Offline playlists.

* Lyrics integration.

* Artwork support,

* Grouped album collections.

* Share metadata informations on social networks.

* Output can be mixed with other applications.

And the features offered by the AudioBox Platform, including:

- Now playing/scrobble to

- Now playing to Facebook

- Now playing to Twitch.TV

- Lyrics by musiXmatch

- AudioBox Cloud streaming

- Stream from your own computer via AudioBox Desktop

- Dropbox streaming

- GDrive streaming

- SkyDrive streaming

- SoundCloud streaming

- streaming

- YouTube streaming



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Web $0.00 None
Cloud 5 GB: $0.99 / mo. Cloud 50 GB: $4.99 / mo. Cloud 100 GB: $9.99 / mo. Cloud 200 GB: $19.99 / mo. Data stored exceeding chosen plan limits: $0.20 * GB / mo.
iPhone & iPad $0.00 None
(same as above)

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