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Audio Elements is a modern, inspiring and comprehensive loops and presets library.


Audio Elements app gives you access to a vast collection of professional audio loops (like drum loops, baselines, synthesizer parts, special effects and many more) that are ready to be used in your own music projects, in wide range of iPhone and iPad apps that supports AudioPaste or General Pasteboard. 


This simple app allows you to browse the library and copy/paste selected sounds to another music app, easily with just a few screen taps.


Our content will be useful in any kind of looper, groove box, DAW or sampler app like :

GarageBand, Loopy HD, BeatMaker2, iSequence, moDrum, Reactable, Electrify and many more.



  • Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Access to an audio library filled with sounds made by a team of professional music producers. It's a great source of inspiring samples for electro house, dubstep, electronic and hip hop tracks. 
  • 3 pre-installed audio banks (Elements vol.1, Elements vol.2, Abstract Tones) with drum loops, percussions, twisted synth parts and special effects.
  • Bank Shop section that allows you to browse, buy and download new sound banks.
  • Built-in tutorial for beginners. 
  • App is universal. If you use both iPhone and iPad, purchased banks will be available on both devices.


If you are experiencing any problems, do not hesitate to contact us via the App Support. 

We reply fast! Unfortunatelly we are not able to respond to your comments and reviews in AppStore.

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