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Publisher's Description

(The latest version adds even better time stretching and pitch shifting quality down to 0.25X tempo.)

Anytune is designed to help musicians learn to play songs by allowing them to slow down the tempo, adjust the pitch, repeat loops of tracks, create, edit and send Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks with Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS. Import tempo and pitch Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks from an email with one click. A great new way for musicians to and communicate and collaborate.

Anytune is being used for transcribing audio, playing along, learning languages, saving time when listening to audiobooks, learning dance steps or "tuning" your music for fun. 

Try Anytune for free. Upgrade to PRO for additional capabilities including file import and unlimited Audiomarks.

Browse the entire iPod music collection by song, artist, album, or playlist and just press play, just like the iPod App. Or import your own files from email with "Open-In", over Wi-Fi from your computer's browser, or from your Dropbox account. It is easy to share music files. 

Adjust tempo and pitch independently or together. 

Slow down a song to play along, or hear each note of a wicked guitar or drum solo. Adjust the pitch to change the key, tune to your instrument or your voice. 

Create a loop to repeat any part of a track. Set a loop start delay to allow time to return to your instrument. Include a loop it in your practice routine slowly increasing the tempo until you can nail it at 1.5 times the original tempo! 

Set marks at precise times in your tracks with "Audiomarks" and "Loopmarks". Use marks to easily return to a specific point or replay a difficult passage as a loop. Add text to marks for reminders to yourself, share ideas with band members, or give feedback to a student. Post all of your Audiomarks for a specific song to your Facebook wall or email them to a collaborator with the touch of a button.

Anytune Pro includes the following features: 

  • Awesome user interface 
  • Seamless access to your music library, browse and play audio content
  • *NEW* Improved audio quality
  • *NEW* Detailed pitch and tempo adjustment
  • Import files from email with "Open-In"
  • Import files over Wi-Fi from your computer's browser
  • Import files from your Dropbox account
  • Estimates and displays the Beats Per Minute of the track being played 
  • Adjust playback speed, (0.4X to 2.0X) with or without affecting pitch 
  • Adjust pitch up or down a full octave 
  • Loop control with loop delayed start 
  • Auto save last position in the playlist and file 
  • Support for background music playback 
  • Support for remote control functions 
  • Tweet or SMS tempo and pitch settings 
  • Post to Facebook wall or email tempo and pitch settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks 
  • Import settings and marks through URL in email 
  • Volume and Airplay controls 
  • Configurable loop delay 
  • Configurable replay and skip buttons 
  • Choose a skin from a variety of wicked textures and eye-catching colors 
  • Half, quarter and fine scrubbing 
  • Quick jump to iPod song and position 
  • Set, name and edit Audiomarks to quickly move to any position in the song (unlimited) 
  • Set, name and edit Loopmarks to quickly save and replay multiple loops (unlimited) 
  • Updates with additional features 

Anytune cannot play Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected files and requires iOS 4.1 or greater. 


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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $9.99 None
A free version, with certain restrictions, is also available.

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