Amp Music Player


by Vicious Dericious, LLC


Publisher's Description

Amp Music Player is your new mobile music experience, bringing queueing, playlists, skins, lyrics, concerts, and wikipedia to your fingertips. - Browse for music within Amp, and easily add (or remove) any song, album, artist, genre, podcast, or even audiobook to your "current queue" - and your music never stops. Close the app, and your queue will continue playing. - If you like your queue, save it as a playlist. You can easily edit and reorder the songs in your playlists anytime. - Access the lyrics, tour schedule, wikipedia page, and music videos for the artist your listening to right from within Amp. Our "now playing" page updates automatically as the song you're listening to changes. - Find concerts through our recommendation engine, Amp Oracle™, or search and filter through them using advanced search. - Amp currently comes with 6 skins - "Liquid Glass", "Blue Steel", "Molly", "Urban Ash", "Zen", and "Black Gold" - with more to come later. - Share a concert you found or song you're listening to via facebook, twitter, or email right within Amp! You can also have Amp automatically update your facebook or twitter status to the current song you're listening to.

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