Amazing Piano Free


by Wang Lixiang


Publisher's Description

This is the Free version of Amazing Piano. It is an educational music application, designed to teach users of all ages to learn music and play the piano while having fun without being aware that they are in the 'learning' process. Amazing Piano Free makes it easy to play piano even though you don’t know anything about this instrument. Amazing Piano Free makes it as easy as tapping the keyboard. The skill of the musician is tested as notes are played on a music staff. Just tap the correct letter in the virtual keyboard to match the note displayed on the screen. Use it to train your musical skill. Smarten your ears and fingers. Time to make it a must-have. Become a Pianist with iPod and iPhone Touch. Features: More compatible with OS 3.0; 16-bit high-quality sounds; Hint function guiding you how to play piano; Colorful letter hint; Realistic actions when you need; Judge whether you tap the keys right or not; Autoplay function; Friendly operator interface; Real-time and play, no delay; 3 levels of music speed; Full-featured playback; Users can record songs (Only one record can be used); Keyboard piano style; No clicks; No distortion; Super rapid loading speed; Effects volume function; Right-hand or left-hand preferring set; Cool pocket instrument.

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