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You get in your car. Ready for the road trip you have been planning. Your on the open road, and all the sudden, all you hear on the radio is static. You start flicking through stations. Finally you find a station you like. Drive a little longer. Then more static as you hit the next city. With Radio Stations for the iPhone and iPod Touch. All you have to do in this situation is take out your iPhone and open up the Radio Stations application. This application has over 14,000 radio stations from around the country, and the type of music they play. This application is perfect for the out of town traveler. And finding new stations in your own back yard. You will not find another application like this in the “App Store” We have built this application with ease of use in mind. We have designed it so that you can easily find what you are looking for without the confusion and frustration like so many apps out there on the iDevices Do you know of any Radio Stations we have not include? We would love to hear them. With so many small Radio Stations around the country there are new Radio coming on and off the air all the time. With the help of our customers we provide regular updates to make the user experience more enjoyable. We even provide a direct link through the application so sending us an email or giving us feedback is done with ease. - Over 14,000 Radio Station listing from around the country. - Descriptions of what type of music every one of these Radio Stations play - Search through our database in alphabetical order by city - Search using any keyword - Direct email access to us through the application - Give us feedback directly through the application - Check out our tutorial page directly through the application ****Notice: This application does not play music. It is a listing of Radio Stations from around the country.

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