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by Imre Kátai

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Album Flow is one of the best music players available in AppStore.  Apple has not integrated cover flow to the iPad’s player, so this application is perfect for those who have been missing this feature. The super fast user interface with high resolution images will take care of the best user experience on your device.

In the new version there are several important improvements. The first of all is the full iPhone support. The original Cover Flow is working only in landscape mode, which is not so convenient solution in many situation.  But with the Album Flow, you can scroll through your albums in portrait mode. Of course, the iPhone version is also supporting the playlists and it has a highly customizable user interface.

Missing album artwork download
From now if there is no album artwork in iTunes, then the application downloads the album cover from the internet, based on the album title and artist. So if you have the correct artist and album name in your music information, than there will be no more "no cover" image. 

Artist Background
Are you curious about how does the band look like who you are listening to? If yes, than just turn on the artist background, so every time you can see a picture of the actual artist as background.

Do you want to share your favourite song? Just use the Facebook or Twitter integration or send it in e-mail to your friends. 

Online information
If you are curious about the artist what you are listening to then tap on the information tab. You can see the complete discography from with the best albums and top songs. Moreover you can discover new artists too, since you can search similar artists with a really cool 3D sphere.

If you don't like the original background or font, than you can change it anytime you want. In the application, there are 10 built in pictures, but if it is still not enough, you can select one from your photo library, or you can even select a colour for background. Of course you can change the font too in the settings. 

Playlist support
If you don't want to listen to the entire album  just some of your favourite songs from it, you can easily set up a new playlist within the application. Or you can just use one of your playlist form iTunes.

Full screen
If you don't want to be disturbed while you scroll throughout your albums, than switch to full screen mode, to make the albums to fill the screen. 

Extended information
If you would like to know when you listened a song or how many times have you listened it, then the song list is the perfect tool for you. In the list, you can see the title and the duration with extra information like play count and last play date. 

Retina Support
Album Flow is fully supporting the new Retina Display on iPad and on iPhone, so you really don't need to worry about the low resolution images.


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Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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