Air Scratch


by Mode2 Studio

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Air Scratch is a virtual pickup deck app for iOS devices supporting gyroscope based playback control. Play your favorite music directly from the iPod library and cut, scratch and apply effects in real-time.


Smooth graphics and low latency effects.

Use the on-screen record to accurately simulate scratching by touching and dragging it.

Turn on Motion Mode in a gyroscope-equipped device and scratch by spinning the device in the air.

Place the device on an actual turntable platter and use it like you would with a real record to cut and scratch.

Set and go to a cue point using either the on-screen record or immediately using the Go to Cue Point button.

Enjoy real turntable features like Reverse Playback, Quartz.

Adjust the sound with a 5-band equalizer.

Support for AirPlay and Bluetooth A2DP audio out.

Pair it up with another device and set one to track motion while the other plays the actual tracks (over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

Change playback speed to modify the music pitch.

Use the optional key lock to maintain the pitch while changing playback speed.

Details and instructions inside. Just hit the info button on the display area to show the in-app guide.

Notice: The Local Motion Mode and Motion Server features of Air Scratch require gyroscope-equipped iOS hardware, such as the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch.

Safety tips: Be sure to always firmly grasp your device when using the motion features. This is specially important when placing the device on a turntable platter. When using the device in this manner, you should use a tape or a very sticky case to hold it in place while the platter spins. Play it safe and happy scratching.

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