3D Drum Kit


by Benjamin McDowell


Publisher's Description

The first animated 3D Drum Kit for iPhone and iPod touch. Picture it. You step onto the stage. Colored spot lights sweep across the floor. The crowd is silent in anticipation. In the center of it all is your drum kit, glowing in the lights. Your heart is racing. It’s time to show them what you’ve got. The crowd is waiting. Step up and rock out. 3D Drum Kit is a real 3D drum kit on a real 3D stage. Gorgeous colored spot lights pan across the floor, making your drum kit glow and shine. You can view and play the drum kit from any angle, and from up close or afar. The kit responds to your every touch, with pedals that really work and cymbals that really crash. Choose from 10 complete drum kit sound sets. There’s a drum kit to fit your musical style, whether it’s classic rock, ambient beats, 80’s power rock or jazzy brushes. Once you’ve found your sound, paint your drum kit any color you like. Record your performances, including their animations, with the built in record feature. Play back your recordings in 'movie mode', where the camera sweeps and pans across the 3D stage. Learn to play with over 50 built-in demonstrations covering many different musical styles. Use the playback speed control to slow down the demonstrations to see how they’re done. 3D Drum Kit is the perfect drum kit to compliment your Pocket Guitar and Ocarina band. Don’t tap a 2D picture. Rock out on a real 3D drum kit today.

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