2011's Hottest Ringtones (lite version)


by JLC Mobile


Publisher's Description

Welcome to the hottest collection of this year's free ringtones. Now you have access to hundreds of ringtones for no charge, no subscription fees and no costs per download. Assign custom ringtones for your friends, family and co-workers. Here are some of the ringtone sounds you will receive: Rock & Roll (Rock, Metal, Acid, ...); Electronica (Techno, House, Euro,...); Funk & Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, ...); Relaxed (Smooth, Soft, Ambient, ...); Funny and Interesting Sound Effects; Alarms; and hundreds and hundreds of other unique ringtones (alarms, animal sounds, funny sounds, annoying sounds, various sound effects, …) Stop paying for each ringtone you download. We took extra care to select only the best ringtones and are happy to offer them all to you for free.

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