18 Months


by We Make Awesome Sh*t


Publisher's Description

Dance to play the new album from Calvin Harris! If you stop, the music stops!

Select a tune from Calvin’s new album 18 Months, get moving and the track will start to play. The perfect partner for a run or gym session (or a personal rave!), you have to keep your iPhone moving to keep the track playing. With secret tracks and content to unlock, it’s a whole new way to experience one of the biggest albums of the year.

18 Months is the new album from the world’s #1 songwriter, Calvin Harris. Featuring the hits Sweet Nothing, Feel So Close, We Found Love, We’ll Be Coming Back, Let’s Go and Bounce as well as an all-star cast of vocalists including Rihanna, Example, Florence Welch, Ne-Yo and Dizzee Rascal – it’s the dance album of the year.

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