February 18, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Show-Finder DeliRadio Adds Social Features, with Venue Deals to Come

Unlike most music experiences these days, going to a show is something you do with other people. Yes, it would be nice if they would stop ruining shows with their smartphones, but for the most part, having other people around adds to the live music experience.

It’s even nicer if you know some of these people, or at least know that people you know are at a particular show, and that’s where the latest version of DeliRadio’s free Android and iOS apps comes in. Log in with Facebook, and as you listen to a customized streaming radio station based on your favorite genres, your location, and ostensibly how you rate music within the app, you’ll see little icons representing the people you know who are also going to the show, or who have favorited those artists.

This gives you a way to coordinate with friends in your area to see a show that’s coming to town, which is a nice accompaniment to DeliRadio’s overall approach of turning live show recommendations into an efficient radio experience (it sure beats Googling every band in the back of your local alt-weekly).

If you’re in a backwater, you’re going to see some pretty lame shows listed, but that’s just the nature of where you live. Rather than using the location auto-detect feature, you can enter the name of any city — say, the closest metropolis — and then filter shows based on that location.

Timbre employs a somewhat similar concept, but with far fewer options something that might be considered a feature — just press the play button, and music from bands about to play your area simply starts playing. But for serious music fans, DeliRadio looks to be the better option, because it lets you home in on exactly what you want with more precision.

To that end, DeliRadio plans to add another crucial feature soon: venue following. We all have our favorite venues, in part because of the kind of shows they book; DeliRadio already lets you listen to their entire calendar as a radio station, and soon, it will let you follow them too, adding the ability to buy tickets early, learn about special events, and/or enter ticket giveaways.

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