February 17, 2014 at 11:57 am

Little Dragon Calls Your Actual Phone From Your Web Browser

klapp klapp little dragon

Swedish indietronica four-piece Little Dragon launched a promotional campaign on Monday that will almost certainly be the funnest promotional campaign you’ll try all week, should you elect to do so.

Little Dragon Klapp Klapp asks for your phone number. If you’re brave enough to give it up, you’re in for a treat — each member of the band calls you on your telephone, speaking with uncanny, preternatural synchronization in your web browser. Like, their lips are moving on the screen of your computer. Their voices are coming out of your phone. It’s pretty impressively synced up.

Each band member reveals another little bit of information about the song, and then you get to hear it. Just like magic, the song transfers from your phone to your computer speakers. This is about as fun as a promotional campaign gets, in our estimation (it’s the work of one Lee Martin).

Little Dragon plans to release the full Nabuma Rubberband album on May 13, 2014; it’s available for pre-order on iTunes now. Presumably, if you give the band your phone number, it’ll send you a text message — or possibly even call you again.