January 30, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Forgotify: A Group Project to Hear 4 Million Songs Never Before Played on Spotify

I am the first person who has ever played this song on Spotify and it feels pretty good.

There’s a lot of music out there.

Four million of the songs on Spotify had never been heard before, so Lane JordanJ Hausmann, and Nate Gagnon launched Forgotify to fix that problem.

Go to the site, click the button, and a track will play. You will be the first person who has ever heard it play on Spotify. Ever. Apparently.

We love music.

That’s why we were so shocked to learn that 20% (or over 4 million songs) had never been played on Spotify. Not even once. A musical travesty, really.

So we set out to give these neglected songs another way to reach your ear holes, and Forgotify was born.

If you like it, help us spread the word. Let’s get all this beautiful Spotify music listened to.

Give it a try.

(via Kristin Thomson)